We believe your home should be the truest reflection of you. We curate affordably priced home objects that allow you to express your unique style within your home.

Image of Terra Cruda founder Jade Bicheno styling their Australian home decor products


Jade Bicheno


Jade launched Terra Cruda to bring unique and personal homewares to a broader audience. Objects that are reflective of their owners personal style.

The term "TERRA CRUDA" translates from Italian to mean "raw earth", and if there is one thing that our products represent, it's the transience and authenticity of our natural environment.

Fuelled by a passion to marry nature with design and motivated by the belief that everyone should love the home in which they live, Terra Cruda emerged to connect these two ideas.

Celebrating the Wabi Sabi concepts of intentional imperfection, we source sustainable products, and homewares that stray from refinement. We prefer natural materials, rough textures, blurred lines and broken rules.

All of our products are ethically and sustainably sourced and we partner only with artists that honour this same guiding principle.

Terra Cruda invites its followers to seek beauty in obscurity, to express gratitude for unexpected outcomes, and to ultimately celebrate the expression of your unique self.

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