Sustainable Design Tips to Transform Your Home

Sustainable Design Tips to Transform Your Home

Discover Terra Cruda's Mission to Reinvent Interiors

In the ever-evolving realm of home decor, Terra Cruda remains steadfast in its dedication to seamlessly merge luxury style with eco-conscious principles. Our mission revolves around curating unique decor items that not only transform your living space but also prioritise sustainability at every turn.

In today's fast-paced world, our homes transcend mere physical structures; they embody our beliefs, preferences, and environmental footprint. At Terra Cruda, we recognize the importance of aligning aesthetics with ethical considerations, ensuring that every purchase reflects a commitment to both elegance and eco-friendliness.

Join us in embracing a luxurious lifestyle that doesn't compromise on the health of the planet.

Crafting Experiences with Purpose

At the core of Terra Cruda's mission is the belief that style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive but can coexist, creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also ecologically responsible.

Every piece in our curated collection is a testament to this philosophy. From the raw elegance of reclaimed woods to the eco-conscious precision of our ceramics, each element is thoughtfully chosen to align with our commitment to sustainable living.

From the warm, earthy tones that infuse tranquility into your surroundings to the subtle imperfections that celebrate the beauty of authenticity, Terra Cruda pieces are designed to evoke emotion and connection.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond materials to the longevity of our creations – timeless pieces that resist the whims of passing trends.


Championing a Greener Planet

Beyond the creation of individual pieces, Terra Cruda is driven by a broader vision – a commitment to championing a greener planet. Join us on a journey where every choice, every purchase, becomes a conscious act towards positive environmental impact.

Our sustainable practices extend to reduced packaging waste, eco-friendly shipping methods, and a vision to supporting environmental causes.

The Terra Cruda Lifestyle

At Terra Cruda, our mission is not just about offering homewares; it's about fostering a lifestyle. A lifestyle where your choices are an expression of your values, where your living space becomes a canvas for the harmonious coexistence of style and sustainability.

It's about embracing imperfections, celebrating the beauty of authenticity, and consciously curating a home that tells a story – your story.

The Artisans Behind Our Collections

In the tapestry of Terra Cruda's sustainable mission lies a dedication to the stories behind our products.

This commitment extends beyond the materials we choose; it's about the artisans and makers who bring each creation to life. Meticulously curated from a diverse range of eco-conscious artists, each piece is a collaborative effort towards our shared vision of sustainability. 

These artisans, like us, believe in the transformative power of design that not only enhances living spaces but also contributes to a healthier planet. Their dedication to craftsmanship, paired with a shared commitment to ethical practices, ensures that every Terra Cruda creation carries with it not just the mark of a skilled artisan but a collective pledge to redefine the intersection of style and sustainability.

Learn more about each artist below:

Moku Collective

"A profound love for raw, rustic materials, diverse cultures & interior design led to the foundation of Moku Collective. Thrived by slow living and stepping away from fast production is the key focus for Moku. Creating hand-crafted pieces to last a lifetime and define the raw beauty of materials used."

Unearthed Ceramics

"Katrina uses 100% green energy to power her garden studio in Preston, utilising solar panels to generate the heat for the Unearthed Ceramics kiln, as well as paying for Green energy. In every area of our operations, it is our aim to minimise the waste that we produce and to repurpose remnant materials."
Katrina Carling's Home Studio - Unearthed Ceramics
[Unearthed Ceramics Katrina Carling at her home studio in Preston, VIC]

A Little Light

"My purpose built backyard workshop has a 7 star energy efficiency rating. We chose LED lights, Earthwool insulation, and the 40 sqm of roof space connects to our water storage tanks which will soon water veggie patches. We re-use a lot of cardboard and clean soft plastics when packing candles for freight. My husband also brings home packaging material from his hotel to reuse."

Relic Form

"Thom explores these wood art forms through interacting within the cycles of connection between material and maker, a conversation with the natural world, spoken by the wood and expressed by the soul. Through years of research and dedication, countless trial and error he continues to develop his own style, working with preservation techniques from the ancients and integrating them with contemporary designs."

Rebecca Anne Maclean

"I adore working with raw materials and I’m obsessed with texture. I work on heavy raw cotton canvas and just love the details that come through when leaving it almost untouched. I also enjoy collecting natural tools to use to apply paint to the canvas."
Orchard Street in Bondi, Sydney
[Orchard Street Cafe and Shop in Bondi, Sydney]

Orchard Street

"Offering an efficacious product while treading lightly is paramount to all we do. From our continuous pursuit for conscious sourcing, to our dedication to low impact packaging, to the sustainable way we run our stores. Everything we do to elevate your health, is done with Mother Earth in mind."


"We believe in making environmentally conscious decisions when sourcing both our raw materials and the vessels that house them. We only use coloured-through glass for all products, as it’s 100% recyclable. All cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable and many of our paper products are made from recycled materials. Our warehouse and head office is powered by solar energy and recycles all possible materials."

A Blueprint for Modern Living

In a world where the choices we make today echo into the future, our commitment to blending style and sustainability serves as a blueprint for modern living. It's a call to reinvent our spaces, redefine our values, and collectively create a world where every corner tells a story of beauty, purpose, and a thriving planet.

Join us in this mission because, at Terra Cruda, we believe that the future of interiors is not just about design; it's about making a difference.

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