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Smudging Rituals: Let's clear the air

Sage rituals, also known as smudging or sage clearing, are an ancient spiritual practice used to cleanse and purify the energy of a space. It's a powerful ritual that can help to restore balance and harmony, creating an environment that promotes wellbeing.

In this blog post, we'll explore the basics of sage clearing rituals, from the history of the practice to the benefits of using it to unlock wellbeing.


The history of smudging

Smudging has been practiced for centuries by many cultures around the world, primarily for cleansing and purifying the home. Native American tribes and other indigenous communities around the world, believed that burning herbs such as sage, cedar and sweetgrass could bring about a harmonious home, improved energy and better wellbeing. Smudging was also thought to clear negative energy and create a peaceful energetic state.

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The purpose of cleansing

Smudging has become increasingly popular in recent times, as many people incorporate it into their self-care rituals to improve wellbeing and create a positive atmosphere in their home.

The smell of burning herbs can be very calming and relaxing, making it ideal for creating a peaceful home. Not only can smudging be used to cleanse the home but it can also be used to promote relaxation and improved energy levels. Interior designers have embraced this practice, using it to add an element of spirituality to home decor and make it even more inviting.

During a smudging ceremony, you can clear out any negative energy lingering in the area and invite in new energy that is uplifting and supportive. It’s seen as a way to bless a home and its inhabitants, creating a sense of peace and harmony throughout the entire space.

For this reason, adding home decor elements such as incense sticks, candles or room sprays can also help to enhance the feeling of a harmonious home. Not only are these items aesthetically pleasing, they can also contribute to improved wellbeing by providing aromatherapy benefits such as stress relief, mood elevation, relaxation and improved energy.


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When to smudge

Smudging can either be performed as part of your regular home and self-care rituals or simply at times you feel an energy cleanse is necessary.

For example, if you are feeling low on energy, need to release negative vibes, or if you simply want to freshen up your home's energy.

Additionally, it can be helpful to sage your house after large changes like a move, a new job or after an argument, to clear the air and restore peace and harmony.

Smudging ideally should be practiced regularly to maintain a positive flow of energy throughout your home.


What you'll need

When performing a smudging ritual to unlock well-being and create a more harmonious home, it's important to have the right supplies.

Here are the essential items you'll need for your smudging ceremony:

  • Sage: For a smudging ritual, you'll need to have access to sage. Sage is a herb that's been used for centuries for its purifying properties, and it's ideal for cleansing negative energy from the home.
  • Abalone shell or sage dish: An abalone shell is commonly used to hold the burning sage, however a sage dish can easily be used as an alternative. This will help to contain the ashes, as well as add a decorative touch to your ritual
  • Feather: A feather can be used to fan the smoke of the smudging. This will help spread it around your space and purify the area with its cleansing properties.
  • Matches or a lighter: To light the sage, you'll need matches or a lighter.

By gathering these supplies, you'll be ready to begin your smudging ritual and start transforming your home into a happy and peaceful space.


Conducting a smudging ceremony

The smudging ceremony begins with opening the windows and doors of your home to allow the smoke to flow freely and remove any stagnant energy.

When smudging, it is important to be mindful and move slowly and with intention.

  • Begin the ceremony by setting a positive intention for your practice. For example, you may start by saying "I am here to smudge this space with love and light."
  • Light the smudge stick with a match or lighter. Hold the stick in one hand, holding the flame to it until it starts to smolder. Gently blow on the smudge stick to distinguish any flames, ensuring that burning embers remain and the smudge stick begins to smoke.
  • Once lit, walk slowly around your home while you wave the smoke up and down walls, in corners, and near windows and doors. Visualize the smoke removing any negative energy as it cleanses your space. You may choose to use a feather or fan to direct the smoke around the entire room in a clockwise direction. As you move through each room, keep repeating your intention.
  • Once you have finished smudging the room, snuff out the stick by pressing it into a ceramic bowl of sand or dirt. Place the remainder of the stick into the bowl or sage dish for safekeeping until you use it again.

You may then finish the ceremony with gratitude for the process and improved energy of your home.


After smudging

Once you have completed the smudging ritual, you can sit back and enjoy the feeling of a harmonious home. With the air now cleansed of any negative energy, your home will be filled with positive energy and improved wellbeing.

You may wish to take a few moments to journal your feelings of gratitude, or otherwise simply soak in this atmosphere and appreciate the feeling of peace and happiness that now fills your space.

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